Ray-Ban are celebrating their 75th year, and you may remember us featuring the Ray-Ban Legend Collection back in March. To continue the celebration, we now have the limited edition Ray-Ban Ambermatic Collection.

Ray-Ban Ambermatic Collection


The classic shapes are there of course, and these just scream Ryan Gosling from Drive to us. The amber lenses, using primarily in days gone by as driving glasses. There are four designs in total, two Aviators, a Shooter, and a Outdoorsman Silhouette.

Each pair of the Ray-Ban Ambermatic Glasses come with photochromatic yellow lenses, that auto adjust and darken depending on the light available.

We can’t help but love these, and are probably our ultimate glasses for the summer. Limited to 18’000 pairs, that may sound alot, but globally and only from the top stockists mean you won’t see many!


Source: highsnobiety.



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