Yes, we know it isn’t summer, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming does it? And we want to bring a little ray of light to your pretty dreary week. If you want to push the winter boundaries with fashion over the next few months, look no further. We have been a big fan of Rivieras Slip Ons for sometime, and I know a few of us in the office have them carefully placed at home.


Though definitely not one for the wet, we will see many nights which will be dry and cold, and the perfect time to pull out your Sunday best Rivieras Decks. Now yes, the odd person may think you’re crazy, but the majority will think you look like a dapper little so and so, bringing a summer vibe back to the UK.

Each pair is handmade in Spain, and scream quintessential gent. There wasn’t really a single Mens show at London Fashion Week this year that didn’t have a pair pop up somewhere. Although plenty of options are available, you will find a similar colour pallet throughout the collection, rustic & natural tones, with some classic white and splashes of sand.

In terms of material, you will find a secondary skin of soft towel to the interior with a nappa-leather inner sole. On the outside, a harder wearing sole with heel to give a slightly more outdoor look and a cotton / canvas upper. And if all else fails, it’s time to book some Winter Sun!

You can browse all 72 currents on the (rather cool) Rivieras website and we have picked our 3 favourite below:

  • Rivieras Hot Roads 20°
  • Rivieras Les Champs Marine 10°
  • Rivieras Classic Vert 20°




Tickled your fancy?



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