At Average Joes, we firmly believe that shaving should be an experience to look forward to and not something that should be dreaded. Which is why we love the look of RZR, a no-nonsense wet shaving system as comfortable and safe as modern razors but with the unmistakable style of an old-fashioned razor.

RZR Shaving

Netherlands-based RZR is a brand new company that manufactures shaving products for Joes only, with the company being built on the foundations of style and substance. As such, the RZR razor not only looks immaculate, it performs exceptionally well too.

RZR blades are placed in such a way that there is a larger contact area between your face and the blades. This means there’s no need for hinges on your razor head – the RZR gives you feedback in a natural way which means your wrist controls everything.

RZR Shaving 2
There’s no flexball or any other moving part on the RZR and the blade is even placed on the opposite side to what you’d expect. RZR’s premium blades are made of the finest metal alloy available meaning added chemicals, lubricants and strips simply aren’t needed.

Inspired by the beauty of the early safety razors, the RZR also thinks about the environment. The blades are made of solely metal, which means that when they’re disposed, they’re separated in the waste cycle by a magnet.

RZR Shaving 1
The razor itself is made out of titanium, one of the strongest and most durable metals around. This means the RZR comes with a lifetime warranty. The RZR-blades will be significantly cheaper than other rivals too and will only cost around £1.50 as opposed to £4.50 you find with so many other brands. So think of this as an investment!

We love the simplicity of the RZR and you can get hold of your very own RZR Shaving razor on Kickstarter where it’s being funded. Prices for the starter pack begin at around £63 ($79) and should be delivered by December this year.

RZR Shaving 4



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