Schott NYC for Mr Porter

Schott NYC, the New York based outerwear brand with a youthful and rebellious heritage has produced a small capsule collection for online retailer Mr Porter.

The collection concentrates on the leather jackets which have made Schott so popular since its launch by the Schott brothers in 1913. The collection features some of the brands most popular pieces including the iconic Perfecto worn by legendary Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”, and puts these alongside contemporary offerings, with 10 different jackets on offer in all. Traditional bombers, shearling bombers, and biker jackets all catered for, with a muted palate of browns and blacks.

The stand out piece for us in the Average Joes office (alongside Brando’s Perfecto) is the Schott G1 shearling collar bomber in brown. The G1 has been used by naval pilots in America since the 20’s, this incarnation comes in an exclusive dark brown shade with matching satin lining and is designed exclusively for Mr Porter. As standard the jacket features a detachable shearling collar, and dual access front pockets, and looks and feels robust and hardwearing more than suitable for demanding urban wear.

The pricing is somewhere in the midst of the designer market with the jackets selling for between £750 & £1200, but you get the feeling that this is a lifestyle jacket for life.