As modern gentlemen, a spray of scented fragrance is an important part of our morning routine. But as you’re not doubt fully aware, testing out a new scents can be an expensive business, and we don’t like to stick to just one. Which is why we love the idea of the Secret Scent Box, a monthly fragrance subscription that lets you discover new colognes.

Secret Scent Box

A subscription to UK-based Secret Scent Box Each will get Joes 3 different hand-picked designer and brand name fragrances each and every month. This allows you to try each fragrance over several days, helping you discover the true smell of the fragrance, how it changes throughout the day, how long it lasts and how much you need to apply.

Of course, you’ll only receive enough spray to last around 30 days, so you won’t be getting full bottles of cologne. Instead you’ll get 3 x 3ml travel friendly fragrance sprays. Perfect for the month based on the logic you’ll use around 4 sprays a day.

Secret Scent Box 3
The first Secret Scent Box we received contained 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein and Noir by Tom Ford – a good mix of scents and notes. Along with the vials, we also got a handy card with a description of the cologne on each.

Secret Scent Box 2
Every month, Secret Scent Box promise Joes designer and brand name fragrances, with at least one new designer. The box is delivered in letterbox friendly packaging, so you won’t need to be at home, and they guarantee at least a minimum of 6-month gap before you’ll receive any duplicates.

We think the Secret Scent Box is a brilliantly convenient way of mixing things up and discovering new fragrances. And at £15 a month, we also think it’s good value for money. Head over to the Secret Scent Box Website where you also get 25% off by joining their mailing list.

Secret Scent Box 1



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