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Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

The Seiko Astron is an analog watch which is solar powered and also receives a GPS signal to adjust to the exact local time automatically anywhere on the planet.

All 39 time zones across the planet are recognized, and the watch rather intelligently splits the world’s surface up into a million sections, each of which has a time zone attributed to it. It will then automatically decide which of those sections you are in, decide what the time is in that section and set the time accordingly. The Astron is solar powered, and is most efficiently charged using sunlight, although any light will do the job to some extent. There is a dial displaying the charge on the battery, with a full charge lasting two months, but will take 65 hours of sunlight to get to that point (however 6 mins of sunlight will power the watch for a day so it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. Unless you are in Norway during Winter…)


The intelligence doesn’t stop there, the watch has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve. It has the ability to search for a satellite signal in order to sync and ensure the time is accurate, and will do so once a day. The sync can be organised to happen when the watch is in strong light, as the clever people as Seiko have made the Astron able to recognise that if a strong light source is available, (aka a clear day most of the time) then the chances are the watch will be able to get a good satellite signal. As such if it hooks in a good connection at lunchtime the first day, it will try and hook into a signal at lunchtime every day as this is when the last sync happened. Just for the icing on the cake , it even adds leap seconds on to compensate for the slowing rotation of the Earth. (I know..way too clever).

Aesthetically the watch is handsome, with the watch face featuring a secondary or “home time” dial at 6 o’clock allowing you to see what the time is back home, (with your local time being shown on the large analog). There is a clean and simple date display at 3 oclock and the battery dial is located between 9 and 11 o’clock. The face is covered in a “superclear” coating on the face which stops light reflecting by 99% and all these features are packaged up in a stainless steel case and accented by a ceramic bezel (which also improves reception).

The watch is water resistant to 100m, and retails for between £1500 and £3000, but for what you are getting, it will probably be the most advanced, tricked out non automatic watch you will ever own, and on this basis earns and justifies its price tag.

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