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Skarp Laser Razor

The Skarp Razor might look like a traditional razor but that’s where the similarity ends. With laser technology and no cartridge in sight, the Skarp Laser Razor is the grooming future and you’re going to want one!

Shave technology has essentially been the same for around 5000 years. And while the razor has obviously stuck around for a reason, we can’t pretend that the technology doesn’t have its issues. The Skarp is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair as opposed to a traditional blade.

Apart from obviously being very cool, the advantages of this are numerous. Firstly there’ll be no scratches which means no razor burn and no infection. There’s no accidental cutting so there’s no itch and no irritation.

It’ll also save you plenty of money and waste too. With no cartridges needing replacement, Joes will still get an incredibly close shave without the hassle. You’ll also save on water. Even though the Skarp Razor can be used with water, in the shower for example, it doesn’t require any water.

The Skarp Laser is built from 6061 aluminium and uses wavelengths of light to cut through your unwanted hairs. After years of research and development, Skarp discovered a chromophore in hair that would be cut when hit with a particular light wavelength. This chromophore they identified is shared by every human, regardless of age, gender or race.

We absolutely love the Skarp and unsurprisingly, the Laser Razor has gone off on Kickstarter! Already the razor has had an incredible $2.5million thrown at it by Joes! While it’s not especially cheap at around £125 ($189), we think it’s well worth the dough if the sort of tech involved is actually legit. Get over to the Skarp Kickstarter Page now where you can pre-order you laser razor for March!


*Update* Since we wrote this post, the Skarp Laser Razor has come under incredible scrutiny and led to Kickstarter taking it off their website, refunding Joes and giving up their 5% shares in the company as they say it “​is in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards​.” So that’s the end of that, then…

Or is it? The Skarp Laser Razor has now turned up on rival crowd-funding site Indiegogo as a ‘flex-funding’ campaign, which means Skarp keep the money even if the project doesn’t meet its goal. We’d say pledge at your peril…



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