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Skrekkøgle Emulsion

Some things don’t need an explanation. Emulsion, by the Oslo design studio Skrekkøgle, is not one of them. What looks like some oil behind some glass is… well, just that. And you know what? We love it!

The Emulsion is essentially a fashion accessory which the studio is referring to as an “analogue activity tracker.” So what does that mean? To an average Joe that simply means when the ‘watch’ is splatted all over the place, you’re on the move. When you’re not, it stays as a blob.

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Well, it actually started out as one. “The concept came to life more as a joke. Even though many fitness trackers are great, we talked about how the product category is way too exaggerated and saturated,” explains Skrekkøgle’s Lars Marcus Vedeler.

“With the prototypes we wanted to show that we could achieve much of the same feedback, with very simple means. But, when it turned out as distinct and mesmerising as it did, it moved from being a spoof, to holding its own as an actual product.”

The Emulsion is filled with un-mixable fluids: mineral oil and dyed water. And it is completely analogue without any chips or screens and best of all, no batteries.

Other smartwatches have similar activity gages with the Apple Watch, which buzzes for you to stand up after sitting too long, and a Garmin, which delivers intimidating red bars if you’re too static for its liking.

We’re not entirely certain why, but we absolute love the Emulsion. Watch the accompanying video below and we think you’ll agree it’s pretty hypnotic. It also, more importantly, looks stunning and is a great example of Scandinavian minimalism. It’s currently only a concept, but Skrekkøgle say they may put it into production if there’s enough interest. There certainly is from this humble blog!



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