With UK springtime officially starting this Sunday, it’s time to start losing those layers in the hope of warmer temperatures. But while we’ve got our fingers crossed that things will heat up, we’re not so optimistic about the clouds. So shelter from the inevitable spring rains with these showerproof champions!

Spring Umbrellas

London Undercover Constellation

The London Undercover Constellation umbrella is a brolly which should make it easy to ignore those dark days. It’s hand crafted from a single piece of polished maple wood with a continuous handle and shaft, along with a Silver ferrule tip. The pattern under the Navy canopy features the celestial coordinated of the Northern Hemisphere. £165
Spring Umbrellas London Undercover Constellations

Blunt XS Metro + Tile

While we’re not overly keen on the style of this Blunt XS Metro umbrella, we don’t half love the USP. With the added Tile device, you’ll never lose your umbrella again as it will track it via an accompanying app! The umbrella itself is also well designed and is suitably aerodynamic, collapsible and strong thanks to reinforcement by the 4mm fibreglass ribs. £59
Spring Umbrellas Blunt Metro_XS + Tile

British Belt Company

For something cheaper and more cheerful, this patterned beauty by the British Belt Company is lightweight and retractable. The printed polyester canopy is joined by a solid wooden handle and the whole thing is nicely packaged with an accompanying matching case. £15
Spring Umbrellas British Belt Company

Falcone Golf Clouds

For something nice and playful, this Falcone golf umbrella will have you seeing Blue skies in no time, literally. The Black double canopy umbrella features a printed clouds pattern underneath its roof, and is sure to brighten even the dullest of days. It features an automatic open mechanism and a Black rubberised crook handle, as well as lightweight fibreglass shaft and ribs that ensure strength and stability in strong winds. £19.95
Spring Umbrellas Falcone Clouds

Ted Baker Nosoak

As with everything Ted Baker, the Nosoak umbrella oozes class and sophistication. With its signature colourful Ted printed lining, this classic style brolly is perfect for any urban Joe who need something reliable and stylish. It’s branded on the outside and comes complete with a wooden-look handle. £25
Spring Umbrellas Ted Baker Nosoak

Fulton Commissioner

For something simple and effective, look no further than this Fulton made Commissioner umbrella. The canopy features high performance polyester fabric, while the shaft and frame are made from steel, and the handle is made from genuine Elmwood. Fulton are so reliable they even supplier the Queen with her brollies. If it’s good enough for Her Majesty, it’s good enough for us! £29
Spring Umbrellas Fulton Commissioner



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