Storage has always been, and shall always remain, one of modern living’s real bugbears – especially if you’re a notorious hoarder of something in particular. Well, if you’re an avid footwear collector, we’ve come across an alternative which not only saves space on shoe boxes, but it can also be used to display your collection. Feast your eyes on the Staeckler shoe hook.

Staeckler Shoe Storage Hooks

The Staeckler shoe hooks are a new system for storing your trainers, with the idea being simply your shoes hang off the wall at a gentle angle. Each Staeckler clips onto the back of a shoe, holding them securely until released with a simple lift and twist.

Each pack of hooks comes with everything you need for installation on almost any wall, including screws and anchors for walls or adhesive pads to attach to laminate furniture or tiles. They’re a great solution if you need to fit a pair of kicks into the tightest of spaces, or especially if you want to make a showcase of your footwear range.

Staeckler Shoe Storage 2
Each Staeckler hook is made from sturdy ABS plastic and is strong enough to take a beating while also not leaving any marks on your shoes. And most importantly, they can be installed to suit any situation, whether a wall-sized grid to showcase a collection or a single pair slotted into the leftover space in your flat.

The Staeckler will work with almost any shoe that has a heel, but naturally it will work best with low-rise trainers. The makers say you can fit most high tops on a Staeckler, but if you have really large feet and tall high tops, you may be pushing it.

If you love the idea of the Staeckler shoe storage system as much as we do, head over to the Staeckler Website now where you can get hold of a pair of hooks in either White, Orange, Blue, or Grey for just under £10 ($12). Or if you love the idea so much you want to have your very own footwear showroom, you can hold of 20 pairs of Staeckler hooks for around £130 ($160).

Staeckler Shoe Storage 3
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