TESTED: Copenhagen Grooming Products

As we all start to emerge from our homes as life starts to get back to normal, we want to look our best. Copenhagen Grooming have sent us a selection of their most popular products and I’ve been using them for the last few weeks to see what they’re like.

I’m not one of those guys that is fastidious about his appearance but I still like to look good and have confidence in the way I look. As a result, I moisturise every day and try to keep my beard tidy. Beyond that I don’t really use many products on my face. That’s why the last few weeks using the products from Copenhagen Grooming have been quite interesting as my daily routine has changed a fair bit.

I’ve been trialling a total of four products; Beard Hero, 8am Splash, Greenkeeper and Cruise Control. They cover cleaning, moisturising and beard control. I start the day by using the 8am Splash. It’s a dedicated beard wash that aims to remove the dirt and filth from your beard without affecting the natural oils. It comes out of the pump as a foam and is really easy to massage into your beard. It has a light and natural smell that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s easy to wash out and leaves my beard feeling better than using a face wash or normal shampoo.

Next up is Greenkeeper. It’s a daily moisturiser that’s designed for people with facial hair. It aims to combat beard related issues like dry, flaky, and irritated skin. I’ve personally always suffered from dry skin and for years I’ve had to moisturise every day. I find with Greenkeeper I use less product and have far less ‘beardruff’ than before. This means I’m happier wearing dark clothing without the fear of it being covered with dry skin.

Next I use the Beard Hero. It’s designed to hydrate and nourish your beard leaving it looking fuller and healthier. I don’t have a long beard but I still find that it helps to tame those hairs that want to go in a different direction and gives my beard a glossy lustre that just wasn’t there before. I especially like the way that the Beard Hero is applied. In the past I’ve used beard oil for the same effect but it leaves my beard feeling greasy and will often leave residue on your hands if you touch your beard throughout the day. Beard Hero is thicker and less oily and as result is nicer to apply and feels better through the day. It has the added bonus of making the hairs feel thicker and softer. This is by far my favourite product that Copenhagen Grooming sent me and smells great. You really notice the smell when wearing a face mask and it makes wearing them a bit nicer.

Lastly there’s Cruise Control. It’s a styling balm to help tame unruly and curly beards. The idea is that it helps tidy up your beard making it look healthier and neater whilst still looking natural. As I said before, my beard is fairly short so I don’t use this every day but when I want to look my best or I’ve got a social engagement to go to (remember those??) I’ll use it. It’s really easy to apply and you don’t need much of it. Even with my short fuzz, I can really notice how much straighter and defined it is. I tend to find the best way to use it is to massage it in and then use a beard comb to straighten the hairs.

Overall I’m really happy with the range of products they sent over. The prices are quite a bit more than I would normally spend on products for myself but you use so much less and the results are so much better that actually they end up being great value. Copenhagen Grooming appear to have taken great care to develop a great range of products and honestly, I don’t think anything you’ll find in your local supermarket comes close. This isn’t a sponsored ad so my thoughts are genuine.


8am Splash - £21
Greenkeeper - £23
Beard Hero - £29
Cruise Control - £23

To purchase or learn more, head over to Copehagen Grooming’s website.