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The Field Rucksack

It seems more and more these days that Joes have to make a compromise on style or practicality when it comes to their accessories. But we say why should you have to choose? Which is why we love the look of The Field Rucksack by Standard Pacific, a fashion-focussed durable outdoor backpack – perfect for the mountains as well as the office.

The Field Rucksack is a super heavy duty backpack, and as such even tough enough to take snowboarding. But as the majority of us Joes annoyingly can’t afford to spend our life on the slopes, the Field also looks just as good on your daily commute.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Standard Pacific have built The Field Rucksack with plenty of capacity – 25 litres to be exact. The 19″ x 13″ x 6.5″ backpack features fleece-lined pockets to ensure your valuables get some protection and no scratches, as well as plenty of other nifty little touches such as an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cool.

Field Rucksack 1
The Field Rucksack also comes standard with two removable pouches: The Fresh Pack is perfect for packing a pair of shoes you want to keep flawless, while The Mesh Pack is a great place to keep your bathroom toiletries. Perfect for a business trip, then! Standard Pacific are so confident that they’ve build this thing to last, they’re even offering a 5 year warranty.

Field Rucksack 2
They’re also selling The Field Keyhook, perfect if you want to quickly and securely hold your keys in style; and The Field Wallet, the ultimate thin wallet for your cash and essential cards.

Available in either Smoke Grey or Jet Black, The Field Rucksack is being sold on Kickstarter where it’s already ploughed through its original modest target of $15,000. Joes have just over a week left to get hold of one with the Field priced at around £85 ($125). The Field Keyhook and Field Wallet are sold separately or in a bundle for the lot at just over the £100 mark ($150).

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