‘The Hackett Rules’ Spring/Summer 2015

British icon Hackett is laying down the law this Spring/Summer 2015, with the release of a list of rules made by founder Jeremy Hackett.

It’s entitled “Jeremy’s Rules For Living A Better Life” and is a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to dress and behave your best for the upcoming season, all while paying homage to a selection of great British sporting events.

Denoting Hackett’s seasonal collective and affluent demeanour, notable highlights include: Rule 8. – ‘Doubles Should Always Be Mixed’ – which draws upon Hackett’s partnership with the Aegon Tennis Championship as the formal and leisurewear supplier; Rule 12. – ‘Trust Your Tailor As You Would Your Surgeon’; and Rule 18. – ‘Play the Field’ – which nods to the brand’s sporting heritage.

Hackett’s signature sophisticated style oozes across the accompanying photo shoot, captured in Majorca by photographer John Balsom. Shown-off are Hackett’s immaculate tailored suits, alongside their more casual and practical pieces such as chinos, polo shirts and shorts, all essential for the upcoming warmer months.

You can see the full Hackett Spring/Summer 2015 collection now in stores and online at hackett.com.