Movember Moustache Styles

It’s the beginning of Movember, 2 days in and you have pretty much grown nothing. We know, we feel you. But bear with it, the fruits of your labour will come, and to make the most of it, you need to think about your style of choice, so let’s look at the Movember Moustache Styles.


You will be gently cultivating your upper lip garden of fluff and stubble into something that will hopefully resemble a moustache over the next few weeks, but once it starts, where will you grow from here? That’s a good question and one we all need to consider – obviously one could let the mo grow wild and untamed, like man was meant to, or one could choose to reign it in, tame the beast if you will.

Personally, I would go for trimming, taming and maintaining the mo. Of course, as a singleton over this period, rocking a mo is a double-edged sword… whilst you could look seedy and rather unattractive, you could also look refined and mature if done right – all the while showing off your charitable good natured side. If you want to let it run free, go for it, you’ll certainly look rugged, but not many people out there are fan’s of the wild bushman look you’ll have come the end of the month.

So, what Mo? Well, it all comes down to personal choice, we have some cool infographics on Movember Moustache Styles and some charts of mo design as well as a couple of famous styles. Pick one before its too late, remember, don’t trim aggressively or you’ll find yourself desperately trying to regrow the mo!

moustache-stylesMovember Moustache Stylesmoustache-font-stylesHulk Hogan Movember

And when it comes to that wet shave, maybe it’s time to go classic… Check out our Double Edge Shaving Tips.

Let us know which of the Movember Moustache Styles you decide to go with us, and send us your pics in the usual way on Twitter, Facebook, or if you are really geeky, on Google+.