We aren’t talking about the gateaux or the woodland area in Germany, it’s actually Timberland’s latest range, the Black Forest look. Black Forest brings their classic range of outdoors and modern urban lifestyle clothing all blacked out and silhouetted. Who doesn’t love black? It’s slimming, sleek, dynamic and easily pair able with other items of clothing.

Timberland Black Forest Launch 2015

When you talk about Timberlands, the majority of people would imagine you’re talking specifically about the iconic tanned outdoors 6 inch boot. That legend of footwear has been wrapped up in black for the Black Forest range too. Black Timberlands? A thousand times yes. The majesty of the Black Forest 6 Inch Icon boots is in their versatility, and by that we don’t just mean that they will now sit rather comfortably on your feet no matter what you’re wearing. Indeed, the Black Forest Timberland boots will also go pretty much anywhere and are waterproof too, an essential feature when you’re wandering through the Peak District looking fashionable, or trudging through the streets of London looking like an urban warrior.

The Black Forest range covers a lot more than just those boots though and a select few other items of footwear have been included. All of a sudden, it seems like the extended range of Timberland footwear is even more utilitarian and perfect for the urban environment, and in particular we’d draw your attention to their lovely array of Brook Park and Britton Hill styles. It doesn’t stop there though. The Black Forest collection stretches to cover jackets, trousers, shirts and tees too.
The Men’s Mount Webster Bomber jacket is, by far and away, our favourite item in the look book. Bomber jackets have been in and out of numerous look books over the past 2 years, and this might be the best one we’ve seen in that time. This beauty has a slim fit and is made with premium leather, using an eco-veg-tan dyeing process vintage sprayed for a quality and premium look.


Premium look? That seems rather subjective doesn’t it. It can mean something different for each and every person. Funnily enough, as a part of this Timberland’s commitment to keeping their range unique, individual and therefore personal, they are holding a limited customisation period at their London flagship store.
On the 8th and 9th of October, between the hours of 4 and 8pm on Regent Street, you can go and make something rather special. The laser machine that we’ve spoken about before is back in use and making your footwear unique to you. Pick from a range of designs and characters to effectively tattoo your shoe. Something bold, something beautiful and something Black Forest.

See you there!




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