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Timberland on Regent Street

Timberland have opened the doors on their new look Regent Street flagship store, which has been given a brand new design concept to align with their slightly more urban, outdoor lifestyle identity.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the store on Regent Street is brand new, given the sweeping changes and dramatic facelift it has undergone. From the moment you walk into the store, it has a more urban renewal feel, with the bare brickwork style wall facing you and the subdued tones of the AW14 collection on the shelves. Everything in the store is ‘hand made’, a lot of the renewed and recycled materials contributing to the refurbishment being sourced locally, apart from the gigantic fire station doors which were shipped from New Hampshire. They’ve clearly gone to some lengths to give the Regent Street store the look that they feel matches where the Timberland brand is now, with a not so subtle hint on the wall above the shoes, which shows their development since their launch back in 1973.

Timberland Wall

One of the most curious, and undeniably the best element of the refurbishment to their Regent Street Flagship store, is the customisation area. At the back of the store, is an area where you can personalise those Timberland boots you have just purchased, with studs, patches and coloured laces available. Now before you think that is entirely underwhelming, the really cool part is a little further back, where two laser-type machines sit. Here, two days of the week, a helping Timberland hand will be there to effectively “tattoo” initials and designs on to your new leather boots. You can have your name permanently etched into the side of your shoe, like we did, or you can opt for the more daring tattoo inspired designs.

timberland tattoo lab regent street

So a funky tattoo, maybe your name, and a bright pair of laces don’t quite do it for you? Well, you can take your personalisation of the classic Timberland boots just that little bit further over the coming months. Timberland have lined up a succession of artists to come in and doodle all over your precious now boots. All the designs they will be painting are all on show at the store already, so you just need to pick the one you like, put the date in the diary, and swing on by to grab a pair. They are limited though, so its first come, first served! Matt Bromley, Elena Boils, Ryan Kai, Sophie Alda will be there over the coming few weeks to name but a few, and who knows who else will be there in the future.

Timberland Customised Boots

The new look store certainly triumphs the design and casual feel to the current Timberland over their older, more practical visage. That is to say that the brand is more at home in the city than it ever has been, but underneath its laid-back, casually cool look, it is still incredibly good outdoors gear and continues to be ethical and as environmentally friendly as possible. Did you know they even rate their own shoes on an environmental scale? No. Neither did I. But its there, right on each and every box.

Timberland Collage

Whilst we don’t normally bother talking about a shop being refitted, we thought that everything Timberland have done to their Regent Street Flagship store required a mentioned. The LAB is a wonderful thought, and if you’re thinking of picking up a new pair of Timberlands, this is definitely the store to go to get them just the way you want them. We think this easily makes the Timberland Regent Street store their best one, definitely in the UK, and most probably in the world.




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