Timberland SS15 with Rick Edwards

Timberland have gone about engaging local stylish folk to promote their latest 2015 Spring Summer collection in a more interesting and original fashion. Whilst we couldn’t differentiate the international movers and shakers, the English style representative was none other than TV presenter, writer and political activist: Rick Edwards. Rather than be pictured standing around at swanky parties in Timberland gear, or walking up and down a runway, he packed a bag and went off on a merry little jaunt to the Isle of White. We caught up with him last week to have a chat about his trip, style, Timberland and life in general.

Rick Edwards. You know him right? Rick used to present T4, the weekend show on channel 4, during the height of its popularity from 2007 to 2011. You might also have seen him presenting shows such as Tool Academy, the kind of show we would prefer to avoid at all costs. Since then he has moved on to present semi-reality show Made in Chelsea, contribute as a men’s style writer for the Guardian and, more recently, branch out into politics. Prior to this year’s election Rick Edwards released his book “None of the Above”, which sought to introduce the political system and landscape to the youth of the UK and engage young people in politics. Recent reports state that young voter turnout was significantly higher this general election – was Rick’s work to thank for this? Who can say, but it is certainly admirable that he got himself out there.

Speaking of getting out there, Rick took a trip on his bicycle from the hustle and bustle of a depressingly rainy London to the sea of calm tranquillity that is the Isle of White. Having grown up and gone to school in Portsmouth, the Isle of White was always there. However, as Rick pointed out, when things are that close, you take them for granted, and he never really took a proper trip to the Isle of White outside of a school trip. So when Timberland came knocking, offering a meagre travel budget and a catalogue of clothing to choose from, why not go back as an adult and enjoy the place for what it is?


Rick was faced with a rather unfortunate branding tag for his trip “2 nights 1 bag”. This presented a challenge: not the tag itself, but the restriction on packing. You may notice from the pictures but the bag itself was not particularly large! Rick was saying that, when he normally goes away, he has to take a number of bags, even on just weekend trips. He’s the kind of guy that packs 17 different shirts, just on the off-chance, and returns having used far less than he’d packed. So, into this small rucksack went 2 tops, a change of trousers and toiletries. Oh, and underwear.


Having a look through Rick Edwards’ edit of the Timberland Spring Summer 2015 collection, one thing is quite apparent. He’s picked a lot of blues, and functional clothing items. One thing Rick has trouble with is finding clothes that fit his frame quite so well, as he is quite a tall man, fortunately the Timberland range seems to have him covered quite well. The denims and the jackets fit perfectly. The clothing he’s picked, such as the chinos, were robust and perfect for wearing in unpredictable weather and for being out and about on his bicycle.

The Isle of White was an interesting trip for Rick who had been contemplating a return there prior to Timberland’s approach. Clearly not a busy season on the island, Rick mostly cycled around the quiet areas, enjoying the scenery and cliffs with little company (save the camera crew), allowing him to be a bit more introspective than normal. Of course, come evening, a trip to the pub changed that, as the Isle of White, unlike the centre of London, still has classic English pubs where the beers are served at a standard temperature, its not a “gastropub”, everybody knows everybody, and the atmosphere is pleasant, jovial and warming.


Rick is new to the whole brand ambassador scene. He did some stuff with Adidas back in his T4 days, but beyond that, there hasn’t been the right opportunity that he felt represented himself and his style quite as well as Timberland do. When we met him at the recently refurbished Regent Street store, he seemed at ease, dressed head-to-toe in his Timberland edit, and looked a bit like one of their manikins had walked off its platform for a chat. However, it is his genuine and endearing nature, good nose for functional style and ruggedly handsome appearance that make him such a perfect fit for Timberland (or is it the other way around). He’s already hoping for another trip with them, ideally to go bear watching – which is apparently a thing people want to do?

You can check the 2015 Spring Summer range out in store now, and if you go down to their Regent Street store they have their customisable section at the back, and they’re giving away Timberland Travel Guides as well to help you get lost. Personally, we don’t think we need help in getting lost – just turn off Google Maps and let us loose!


2015 Spring Summer range