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TK Maxx: Festival Style

The festival season is well and truly upon us, and with some strange twist of fate, the weather seems to be on the side of the British for once, and the storms just make it that little bit more exciting don’t they? So the sun may have its hat on and is ready to go, but what about you? How’s your festival ‘get up’ looking? Well I can tell you, it’s not great. But fear not, as we’re here with a few picks from TK Maxx to pimp up your festival woes and get you looking ready for the campsite.

On the top

This year is all about the short sleeve shirts (not check!) and graphic Ts. So to keep with the festival trends we’ve gone with this. Both varsity print and floral backing are big in mens style for the summer of 69, sorry we mean 2014, and this T-Shirt has both.

If T Shirts aren’t your thing and perhaps you want a slightly more upmarket feel, either for your completed blagged VIP tickets or of course, the festival females, well fear not as this short sleeve, buttoned collar shirt should sort you out.

On the bottom

Do you really have to ask this? Yeah, the chino shorts are big again but it’s a festival and you aren’t on the golf course, surely there is only one answer to this question. It’s got to be denim shorts. We’ve taken it a step further and gone with these washed grey denim shorts with wrinkled top to compliment the shirt and T-Shirt above.

On the feet

The go to option usually is of course the Wellington Boots, however with the hope of sunshine, we are mixing things up, going all in, putting everything on red. If the moustached man from the telly is right about the heat wave, then the last thing you want to be wearing is a big, sweaty pair of boots that make you walk like a lemon. So we’re keeping it VERY real and busting out the flip flops.

So there are a few picks to give you some inspiration, now go fourth and get your festival wardrobe in order with some brand bargains at TK Maxx.



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