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Tom Carter Watches

There are two kinds of watch wearing people in the world: those that wear them to make a statement and those that wear them simply to tell the time.  Almost all watches satisfy the latter, but only a select few make can make a real statement about the man wearing them. Tom Carter’s range of watches certainly make a statement, and its up to you as to whether or not that statement is one that you wish to make. Affordable luxury? Have a look.

Tom Carter watches are built like a boxer: solid, compact, deceptively weighty and striking.  The current, inaugural range starts with the more basic Voyager model. These are really the more casual part of their range, with a bold spectrum of coloured silicon straps available to match your mood or preferred style choices. Whilst we feel that this leaves a lot to be desired and ultimately undermines the stylish aspirations of the brand, the body of the watch makes up for it. It is one chunky unit, and is built to be practically life-proof. Made with mineral crystal glass and housed in weighty stainless steel, you shouldn’t need to worry about catching it, scratching it, or even submerging it, as it is water resistant to 200m.

Tom Carter Voyager

Taking a step up in the range to a higher price point, the Vanguard options are easily more stylish and compatible with your fashion choices. The more away from a stainless steel watch face makes them less offensive in bright light and combines with the quality of the genuine leather straps, to ensure they are less garish in their appearance, yet still a bold statement. The dimensions of the watch still ensure that it sits proudly above your wrist in an eye-catching manner. The Vanguard that comes in rose gold is a particular favourite, giving it a touch more elegance than the stainless steel models.

Tom Carter Vanguard

The Captain range takes another step up, with a slightly larger housing, but also incorporating chronographic dials for more precise time keeping. This is eminently more function than the Vanguard range, but also keeps the sleek stylish touches, such as the genuine leather straps and the toned watch faces. This watch has more of a busy, city look and would not look at all out of place on the wrist of suited and booted chap heading into London on the Underground.

Tom Carter Captain

Over and above these are the ambassador specific watches. Tom Carter have signed up Tio Ellinas, Formula racing driver, who has had his look and feel transferred over to the Tom Carter range. Building on top of the Captain, the Tio Ellinas model is a weighty unit made of either rose gold or stainless steel, with the chronographic features, but also with lovely carbon fibre watch face, adding a sporty look and feel. Flip the watch over and his signature is etched into the back. We also saw a preview of the DJ S7S watch which has yet to be released. It is an all black, industrialised feeling watch built along the same lines as all the others, with a big watch face, a heavy feel and screw crown. However, in contrast to the current range, it has a real understated quality and craftsmanship emblazoned with the DJ’s logo and all in a sleek metallic black.

Tom Carter Signature Series

They look good, they feel good, but ultimately you’ll need to pay more to get the quality out of the Tom Carter range. The silicon watch straps, whilst giving the image of being more trendy and fashion conscious, ultimately usurp the craftsmanship behind the units, by feeling tacky and a compromise. Step on up to the Vanguard and Captain models and the Tom Carter range puts itself out there by sitting boldly on your wrist, drawing the eye and making a real statement about the wearer. This guy likes a good watch, a big watch, and fun and functional watch, but sure as hell doesn’t want to pay a fortune either. What do you think?



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