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Vector Smartwatch

Believe it or not, there are many reasons Joes prefer not to bag themselves an Apple Watch. Some don’t fancy having to charge it every day of the year and some just plainly don’t like the look of it. An alternative for those such Joes could come from the smartwatch range at Vector.

With 12 models on offer in the Vector range, from the gold-cased Classics to the sportier Performance options, we’re pretty confident every Joe will find something to their liking. And the best bit? You’ll only need to charge it once every 30 days or so!

Vector haven’t complicated things and have therefore stuck with a simple and clean Black digital screen which isn’t touch sensitive. There’s also no microphones – you’ve got your phone for that after all! But what it lacks in gimmicks, it makes up for in style and simplicity.

Much of Vector relies on you downloading the Vector Smartphone App where you can open a new level of personalisation on your smartwatch. Joes can customise it with different watch faces and choose which notifications and they want to see and not see.

That means, text messages and contact information can be seamlessly relayed to your watch via Bluetooth with a gentle vibration to alert you. With the simply flick a wrist, you’ll then dismiss alerts and notifications one you’re done with them.

Through the Vector App Store, Joes can also customise their smartwatch to include sleep trackers, alarms, calendars and events. You can also add things such as time zones, calorie counters and stock market information, as well as info from well-known services like the BBC, ESPN and The Economist. Facebook, Uber and British Airways are also on the way to name a few.

We love the simplicity and customisation options that come with the Vector Smartwatch. But more important, we think it looks great too. The Vector Smartwatch Range is now available from the Vector Website where prices start around £219.




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