You may remember a few months back we featured a Solar-Charged Jacket which glowed like kryptonite by outdoor apparel brand Vollebak. Well, the tech-loving label are back and this time they’re offering up the highly-visible Blue Morpho Jacket, which is has been engineered with over 2 billion microscopic glass spheres.

Vollebak Blue Morpho Jacket Is Made From 2 Billion Glass Spheres

Known for their technological advances in outerwear garment, Vollebak have designed the Blue Morpho Jacket to recreate ‘nature’s most brilliant solution to high visibility’ – the iridescent wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly.

As such, each jacket has been engineered with lasers, resin and over 2 billion microscopic glass spheres to create an incredibly reflective jacket which shifts from matt blue to iconic blue in a nanosecond, ideal skiing and snowboarding where visability is key.


In lamens terms, the surface of the Blue Morpho Jacket acts like a mirror for whatever light conditions you’re out in. In sunlight, the jacket will shift from a deep ocean blue to a shimmering metallic blue. At night, however, headtorches, search lights or camera flashes transform it into a trippy, bionic-looking blue.

All this colour trickery is thanks to the two billion microscopic blue glass spheres embedded in resin on the jacket’s surface – that’s over 40,000 in every single square centimetre. They’re invisible to the naked eye but when light hits the jacket, it travels through the curved surface of these glass spheres and strikes the back of them before being reflected back.


The jacket itself is fully seam-sealed and waterproofed, and features an ocean-racing style marine hood and super-high collar, which means you can cover your mouth and nose when riding at high speeds. As it’s built for snowsports, the jacket is also engineered to allow maximum range of motion and with room for your puffer or hoodie underneath.

The uber reflective Vollebak Blue Morpho Jacket is available now over at the Vollebak Website. Unsurprisingly given the technical features, the Blue Morpho isn’t cheap, coming it at £495.




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