Founded by twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak use science and technology to make the most advanced sports gear in the world. And for 2018, they’ve just announced a jacket made from a Nobel Prize-winning material which is ‘more bulletproof than steel’.

Vollebak Graphene Jacket Made From Material ‘More Bulletproof Than Steel’

You may remember a last year we featured a Solar-Charged Jacket which glowed like kryptonite and the highly-visible Blue Morpho Jacket, which was engineered with over 2 billion microscopic glass spheres. Well, both jackets were designed by Vollebak.

This summer, the label have are producing an outerwear piece made from Graphene, the world’s first known true two-dimensional crystal. It was discovered by A. K. Geim and K. S. Novoselov, who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for “advanced experiments with the two-dimensional material – graphene.”


The material itself is completely invisible and is also only a single atom thick. But when just ten layers are stacked on top of each other, they’re more bulletproof than steel. It’s so strong and so stretchy that the fibres of a spider web when coated in graphene could catch a falling plane. Graphene also conducts heat and electricity better than any material known to man.

So given the buzz around the material, naturally Vollebak want to make a jacket out of it. Just because. Or as they call it; ‘curiosity-driven production’. Vollebak even say that the super material has the same potential to change life on Earth as stone, bronze and iron once did.

The Vollebak Graphene Jacket is set to go on sale later this summer but naturally there are only a few pieces. As such, you’ll need to head over to the Vollebak Website to put your name down on a waiting list!




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