Say it quietly but winter is coming. And when the daylight becomes ever shorter, casual joggers and serious runners alike are going to need to be prepared. Keep yourself visible at night and stylish in the day with this amazing Solar Charged Jacket by outdoor apparel brand Vollebak. Lightweight, stretchy, and waterproof, this jacket glows like kryptonite.

This Solar Charged Jacket by Vollebak Glows Like Kryptonite

Known for their technological advances in outerwear garment, Vollebak have just dropped this incredible Solar Charged Jacket. It’s made from a highly responsive material that can be charged by exposing it to almost any light source. Yes, we’re talking natural sunlight but we’re also talking anything as bright as your iPhone.

In as simple terms as possible, the Solar Charged Jacket stores sunlight. The core technology that gives this jacket its glow is its waterproof membrane. It’s been engineered with a phosphorescent compound that rapidly absorbs and stores light, then re-releases that light slowly as day turns to night. And unlike most tech it can’t fail.


With just a couple of hours’ charge it can still be glowing up to 12 hours later. And while sunlight obviously works best, Vollebak say the fabric reacts so rapidly that you can see the jacket’s tech at work in as little as 2 seconds by holding your iPhone’s torch against the surface of any part of the jacket to pinpoint charge it. A small spot-lit patch will instantly start glowing green; the darker the room, the brighter the glow.

But this jacket is also all about the performance. As well as glowing in the dark for safety, it also protects you from the driving rain and headwinds. It’s ultra-light and packable at just 230g, so takes very little space or weight when not being worn.


It’s also super stretchy and built for speed. With elasticity which is more like a baselayer than a traditional shell, the jacket has been engineered for movement with the sleeves naturally taking the shape of someone running with an articulated bend and extra underarm panelling.

The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket is available to purchase now over at the Vollebak Website where it’s available in 4 sizes for £270.




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