WATCH: Why the Omega Seamaster is amazing!

The Omega Seamaster is a classic and is one of the most recognisable watches out there. Friend of Average Joes, Adrian Barker from Bark & Jack explains why the Seamaster is amazing.

The Omega Seamaster is probably my favourite watch of all time. I have always said that I will buy myself one at some point. The main reason is that Pierce Brosnan wore one in most of his reign as James Bond and I was an impressionable child. It’s also because I prefer the way the Seamaster looks compared to more popular watches such as those from Rolex. I just think it looks good on a wrist. For any occasion.

My love for the Seamaster is fairly superficial but Adrian is able to explain just what makes the Seamaster so special. He does it with some of the best visuals you’ll see in any watch review too! If you like his stuff be sure to subscribe to his channel and check out the range of watch straps and accessories at