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Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Ultimate Plus

Wilkinson Sword have added to their line-up of razors with the new Xtreme 3 Ultimate Plus disposable. They’ve got a few interesting features that make them worth a look, and certainly bump them above your box standard back of 12 disposable razors your find in the supermarket aisles. We went to a launch that put us through our exercise paces to make us “flexible”, a little bit like the razor.

The Xtreme 3 Ultimate Plus is a little bit special in that it is a truly ‘flexible’ razor. What on earth does that mean? Well, the 3 blades that make up the head of the razor are both extremely strong and sharp, naturally, but they also bend and flex when pressure is applied. It might seem like a trivial detail, but when you think about it, its actually a pretty clever innovation to add to a disposable razor. Your face, just like mine, is not the same shape as a character in Minecraft: we have the rounded edges of our jaw lines, the ridges of our cheek bones and all the other parts of the jaw underneath the skin that can get in the way of a really close shave. Having a razor that can glide over these without causing irritation, nicks and cuts is pretty cool.

Whilst the bendable razor blades are pretty useful, the lubricating strip is actually a lovely addition to a disposable. On the green strip is Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Aloe Vera is an anti-inflamatory and acts as a good solution for minor burns (razor burn anybody?). Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Applying both of these to your skin just after you’ve pressed 3 incredibly sharp, flexible blades against your face, is a pretty useful thing to do.

For those of us who appreciate the price point and usefulness of being able to pick up a quality disposable razor, the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Ultimate Plus is a solid bet. Personally, this Average Joe maintains a healthy beard, but needs to keep his neck line and upper cheeks clear of encroaching stubble and wayward hairs. I find the Xtreme 3 Ultimate Plus a good and economic choice in keeping that clear, and having given the razor a whirl across my facial features, I can attest to the quality they have that belies their disposable nature.




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