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Look Cool, Stay Warm

Winter is kinda here, well it’s still warm but we are sure it will get cold soon! So we have a list of seasonal attire for our winter fashion fixes. Whether you are a girl looking for a Valentines pressie for your man, or a guy needing to treat himself and fix his January blues. We’ve tried to mix up accessible highstreet with a few designer pieces to give you some great inspiration for things to ask Santa for, but as always there will be alternatives to what’s suggested out there to suit anyone’s budget.

Chelsea Boots

One of this seasons footwear trends is the return of the Chelsea boot to the fashion scene. A favourite of the 60’s mod scene they are now back with a vengeance and look equally at home with casual chino’s, as with smart jeans or trousers.

chelsea-bootsWe love these – Office Poste ‘Raffaele’ Boot – £110

Slim Jeans

Slim jeans are wardrobe staples that are ideal for smart or casual occasions. I always recommend spending that little bit more, as notoriously with denim you tend to get more bang for your buck, and no one argues with spending £100 on jeans if they last you 5 years.

nudie-winter-jeansWe love these – Nudie ‘Grim Tim’ – £120

Camel Coat

A simple way to lift the colour palate of your wardrobe, is by finishing off those well put together layers with a soft camel or cream jacket or overcoat. It will give your outfit a bit more balance if you have a lot of darker tones in your other clothes.

We love – Topman Camel Mac – £75

Man Bag

For all the things you can’t fit in your pockets. Your work documents, your netbook, and your lunch for the day all in one convenient place. I’m an pragmatic sort of chap, and as such like a bag to look good, AND go with everything; Brown leather is always a winner in my book.

leather-fashion-bowling-bagWe love – Zara ‘Etched Leather’ Bowling Bag – £149

Oversize Cable Knit

Cable knits have been in since last winter and with the resurgence of the country couture look, I recommend layering one up with a mac/pea coat or over a shirt and under a tweed blazer. Great colours to layer up would be cream, grey, navy and pastel shades.

heavy-winter-cable-knitWe love – H&M ‘Chunky Knit’ Cardigan with suedette patches – £29.99

Sports Coat

The sports coat or tweed jacket is a nice alternative to the overcoat, still providing warmth, but in a more structured and formal way. Greens, greys and browns all work well for a solid autumnal or wintery look. Team with jeans, chinos or cords and a nice knit.

jack-wills-sports-blazerWe love – Jack Wills ‘Welford’ Blazer – £279

Chunky Brogues

One of my favourite items this winter is the chunky brogue. It is a crossover item from both the country couture and the geek chic trends. I think using them both in smart and casual environments is the way forward to get the most out of them. A dark tan pair to match your belt and man bag would be a strong look this winter.

We love these – Base London ‘Snug’ – £85 (released in Feb)

Horizontal Knits

Another trend this season is the Ivy League look in honour of the quintessentially collegiate attire sported in some of the USA’s finest educational establishments. It is characterised by blazers, knits, shirts, ties and chino’s. Think about US outfits like Ralph Lauren, Gant and J Crew for inspiration. Out of this trend we’ve drawn attention to the horizontal knit; Simple yet versatile and functional.

horizontal-knit-patternWe love – YMC ‘Striped Brushed Lambswool Crew’ Jumper – £130

Thick Seasonal Socks

Socks are a must have during the winter months and a good set of funky patterned ones can be a great way to tie in other parts of your outfit. It is becoming increasingly popular to rock out with roll bottomed trousers and have your socks fully on display as a feature piece. Team with some chunky brogues, and thick knit for a textured look.

thick-winter-fashion-socksWe love these – Reiss ‘Eason’ Socks – £15


An absolute must have in the search for this season’s hottest trends. They are suitable with virtually anything stylish this season, and are available in a variety of colours for all occasions. Pastel blues, khaki’s and reds are great alternatives to cream.

green-nature-slim-chinosWe love – ASOS ‘Slim Fit’ Chinos – £28

Varsity Cardigan

Inspired by the Ivy League look, comes a more casual twist with the varsity theme, which has roots in the collegiate sports as opposed to the academic. A cardigan is a great way to use this look, by using the idea of a letterman jacket (a sports team jacket), and toning it down a bit. Team with chino’s or jeans, pumps and a block coloured tee to get the look locked down.

preppy-tommy-knit-jumperWe love – Tommy Hilfiger ‘Bruskton’ Cardigan – £130

Chunky Scarf

As with the socks, not only is a scarf functional but it can add much needed texture to a potentially flat outfit. So if you have a plain white tee, with cream chino’s a chunky scarf together with a chunky cable knit is a great way to thicken the outfit, making it more interesting, adding layers and crucially keeping the keep in.

knit-winter-scarfWe love – Morix Scarf – £23


Something for those casual occasions when you can afford to be comfortable but still need to look slick. A good winter sneaker is embodied by an autumnal palate fused with a practical design which can cope with the day to day plodding of the average joe. Brown, camel and greys are great colours for this task and all make it easy to tie in the rest of your outfit.

wool-pack-sneakersWe love – Creative Recreation ‘Wool pack’ – £37-£69

That’s Joe’s winter clothing list done and dusted….



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