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Woodhouse Style Essentials

Woodhouse Clothing has been a name long associated with the modern male, as well as a rather well appointed shop in Notting Hill, they also boast one of the very best online experiences in terms of offering and service for male style. Our ears obviously perked up then when we heard they would be developing their own range of style essentials.

Whilst we all want to look our very best, style can soon become a minefield when it comes to what to buy, wear and even when it comes to storage. However, key to any style should be a number of timeless ‘style essentials’ which will not only stand the test of time but also allow you to express and accessorise them with other pieces.

Woodhouse have noted just this and have pulled together a British Design and Made collection consisting of 13 pieces which won’t take up all the room in your wardrobe but will give you a base for any outfit in the foreseeable future. We have got our mitts on a few of the pieces and have been putting them through the rigours of everyday life over the past couple of months.

There are two main points that stand out for us in the new collection, firstly the (perhaps rather boringly) quality. Knowing they are made right here in Britain gives you an air of confidence which is transcended through to the garment itself. Whilst I am no seamstress, the material is heavy whilst still maintaining a soft feel, with well put together stitching as well as thought out placement of detail such as pockets and labels. Nothing brash, everything is superbly simple. Nearly even Scandinavian.


Next up, for us at least, is the tailored fit. Though we understand everyone is different, for most of us in the office it is near spot on. As a range rangy 6 foot 4, certain styles can be problematic but the new Woodhouse Collection seems to have a style and fit that suits the slimmer and taller man incredibly well. In terms of fit, Woodhouse seem to be in a similar vein to Reiss to choose one major brand for example.

There have been a few key pieces which we have found unable to put down. The fine knit sweaters (especially in blue) is a great piece that can be worn with pretty much anything. It is lightweight yet still warm due to the fine knit and it perfect for layering. The polo shirts (both short and long sleeved) bring good structure and a much more smarter and crisp look than many available right now. The colours are vibrant and we can see the longsleeve being used through the spring months.

Jacket wise, the wax is our weapon of choice. Whilst we loved the mac, it comes up a little short on anyone over the 6 foot mark, whereas the wax jacket has a great tailored fit which places it in it’s own league, everything else seems to be loose fits that are flooding the market. Lightweight, it is the perfect for seasonal transitions and to pack up small throughout the spring and summer. A check shirt is a must, and these close gingham check options are a little less casual than their wide check and heavy flannel counterparts. Teamed with denim and with top button closed will offer the perfect ‘smart / casual’ look.


The full collection includes:

  • Woodhouse Wax Jacket (olive) – £175 (Pictured)
  • Woodhouse Harrington Jacket (stone, navy) – £125
  • Woodhouse Mac (navy) – £125
  • Woodhouse Quilted Jacket (navy, olive) – £150
  • Woodhouse Seamless Knitted Crew Sweater (grey, black, red or navy) – £85 (Pictured)
  • Woodhouse Oxford Shirt (red, white or blue) – £85
  • Woodhouse Striped Oxford Shirt (red & white or blue & white) – £85
  • Woodhouse Gingham Oxford Shirt (red & white or blue & white) – £85 (Pictured)
  • Woodhouse Pique Polo Shirt (blue pr grey marl) – £50
  • Woodhouse Pique Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (white or navy) – £60 (Pictured)
  • Woodhouse Cred Neck T-Shirt (white or teak or black) – £35
  • Woodhouse Washbag (navy or olive) – £60
  • Woodhouse Socks – £5 a pair


Overall we are bowled over by the new style collections from Woodhouse Clothing. Superb quality, a brilliant fit and justified price point make them our wardrobe base for 2015. You can shop the whole collection now at Woodhouse.




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