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Xpand Lacing System for Your Trainers

Tying shoelaces is a chore and there’s no way around it… until now! Get your shoes on and ‘tied’ in just 3 seconds. The incredible Xpand Lacing System means no more bows, no more knots and no more tying!

The Xpand Lacing System is designed to replace your regular laces that comes with your trainers. The major difference is you won’t need to tie them as they’re made from a zero memory, long lasting rubber that give Joes consistently comfortable fitting shoes every day.

The system itself couldn’t be simpler. The laces expand as your feet enter the shoe and contract once your shoe is in place. To hold the laces in place, every pack comes with four ‘Anchors’ and four ‘End Clips’.

The Lace Anchors are used to hold your laces in place as they made need adjusting in size. They’re manufactured from a fibre filled resin providing amazing strength and preventing any breakage or warping.

The end clips can be used to put at the end of your laces to give them a more stylish finish once you’ve trimmed the Xpand laces down to size. If you choose to use them, they have multiple rows of teeth that clinch the laces. This allows you to pull as hard as you would like without the end clips separating from the laces.

The system is as simple as that. The advantage is convenience without having to compromise on style or performance. So much so Xpand laces are designed to take extreme strain and are guaranteed to work if you’re running or in the gym. They apparently work excellent with high tops as well!

The Xpand Lacing System is being sold on Kickstarter where you can grab laces in any of the 24 colour options for around £5 ($8) or a pack of three for around £11 ($17). Estimated delivery is also January as the technology has already been perfected. Sounds like a bargain to us!




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