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Update 02/12/2011:

Well there we have it, 30 days of faceache and we are all done! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support and donations. We have raised well over £1000 through the blog alone, and our closing party / charity auction raised over £4000 on Wednesday night!

You can of course still donate at the Movember website.

We are now into the very lazy decembeard!

Welcome to Movember and Average Joes Blog. Yes it is time to get your #tashtag out for all to see, as we help raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

During the month of November, we (Joe, Dan, Sheldon, Mik, Youngsy, Nate) shall participate in Movember and (attempt to) grow a moustache purely for your money and entertainment. We will be taking a picture each day tracking our progress (or lack of) as we bid to put off and disgust women wherever we go!

It’s not just about us though, we want you to join in as well. For starters, if you want to join our team, you can. We are a friendly bunch so feel free! Just head over to the Movember site, and of course we need sponsorship!!

Next up,


Yes we really do. Head over to our Facebook Page and start uploading your moustache pictures for the chance to win big! Each week we will choose the best moustache that has been uploaded to our Facebook page, and assuming you are over 18 (we would hope so!) they will win a bottle of Ron de Jeremy Rum!! (thanks to the awesome guys over at Master of Malt!). Not only that, but at the end of the month, we will choose 2 winners of the overall best moustache to win our monthly goody bag full of Sassoon for Men and Mission Impossible Goodies!

In a continuation of this, we will also be creating our very own


(or something similar!). All of the pictures we are sent and are uploaded will be added to our collage of people as our blog background. So yes, your pride and joy (moustache) could be seen by no less than 200,000 people over the month of #Movember!

So it’s time to get involved and do our bit for charity. So come and join in the fun! You can find @averagejoesblog and of course the guys at @movemberUK on twitter and use to #movember and #tashtag. You can also share your pictures with us on facebook or just drop them on email. Please get involved, it is a great cause!

Party Time

We have also teamed up with the amazing talented guys over at Esquire Hair in Norwich. Not only will they be joining our hair growing antics, but they will also be offering a free moustache trim to anyone in the area. Now you will of course have to make a donation to the Movember Cause but that’s it!

We will then be throwing a joint closing party and charity auction on Wednesday 30th November at Beluga in Norwich. With live music, prizes, drinks and pretty much everything else! Just remember though, no moustache, no entry!

With thanks to…

As we have already mentioned, a huge thanks to Movember who obviously had this brilliant idea and we support every year! Of course to Master of Malt, they always support Movember, and you can even buy their special Movember whisky here. And then finally Sassoon for Men and Mission Impossible Trilogy which supplied us with even more goodies!

Prize Pool

Weekly Winners
4 bottles of Ron de Jeremy from Master of Malt
End of Month Winners
2 x Winners: Sassoon for Men Mains Clipper, Sassoon for Men Hygiene Trimmer, Sassoon for Men Beard Trimmer, Mi3 Cap, Mi3 Usb stick / pen, Mission Impossible Trilogy DVD Box set from MI and Sassoon for men.