We’re well into the new year and now that the Christmas hangover has just about worn off, best men and grooms up and down the country will finally get down to organising the holiday to end all holidays. Th stag do. Let’s be honest, we aren’t getting any younger and chances are there are many weddings on the horizon that you never thought would happen! Read on for our handpicked 5 Best European Destinations for a Stag Do.

5 Best European Destinations for a Stag Do

Stag dos can be notoriously painful to organise with options galore and even more Joes to nail down. We are here to help and have teamed up with the chaps and chapesses at The Stag Company to compile a list of the best European cities that tick all the stag do boxes. Read on for the 5 best European destinations for a stag do!

Budapest, Hungary

Handpicked by Joe, having organised one there in 2015 which was a raving success (just don’t mention it to the bride). If your groomsman, or more importantly the party, want a ‘traditional’ stag do in terms of cheap booze, good clubs, beautiful women and general Euro carnage, then Budapest should be high up your list of options!



Beer Bike

There’s plenty to do in Budapest and if you want to see some wonderful sights in the historic city, what better way to do it than on a beer bike? A firm stag favourite around a lot of Europe, the beer bike usually takes 8-15 Joes around the city while the see away numerous pints poured fresh from the bike. Your guide will be with you for the duration of your activity with most companies offering up 30 litres of beer (around 50 pints). Certainly enough for a good time!


Thermal Spa

Whilst it may not sound like the obvious choice, trust us! After a heavy night on the town, a late morning trip to the hot spas is the perfect way to kick off any new day. Chill in the sun whilst soaking in near 40 degrees of thermal spa. You can start the drinking all over again poolside! For something a bit more strenuous, each Saturday a Magic Bath Party is thrown in one of Budapest’s spas. The usually tranquil thermal bath of Lukacs turns neon with a massive party complete with laser rays and DJs. Perfect for a stag do!



If you don’t fancy getting wet, Budapest still boasts one of the best pub crawls in central Europe. After the main strip things are a little spread out, but crawl towards the Danube and you will never be far away from the action.


One of the best things about Budapest is the cost and we reckon it can be done for just over £200ish per person, making it one of the cheapest on our list. The average beer is a little over a £1 a pint, and choose the right restaurant and you can eat near Michelin star food for just over 20 notes a person. Not bad heh? One thing we will say is getting confused by the local currency could be an issue as £1 is roughly 430 Hungarian forints!

Dublin, Ireland

For something closer to home, Dublin offers you a guaranteed good nights out with a pubs-to-Joe ratio that would make your eyes water. Another location for us last year! Whilst an old mis-conception was that Dublin isn’t very welcoming, they currently rely on Tourism and as such will bend over backwards to help you out! It’s lively, friendly and only stone’s throw across the Irish Sea!



Guinness Factory Tour

One of the main ‘must dos’ in Dublin, regardless of whether you’re on a stag, is the Guinness Factory Tour. Start the tour in the amazing factory atrium, otherwise known as the world’s biggest pint glass. It’s big enough to hold more than 14 million pints of Guinness – a figure we doubt even the most talented stag party could muster over the course of the weekend. During the tour, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade, learn to pour yourself a proper Guinness and finally hit the awesome Gravity Bar at the top with a 360-degree view of Dublin.

After that it gets perhaps a little less exciting, but paintballing and bubble football are both firm favourites with guaranteed bruises and stories to tell!



Dublin has a notoriously brilliant nightlife with everything from proper boozers to raucous clubs. Most stag do’s will be told to head to Temple Bar. And yes, whilst you must visit, if you want to sample the local delights and don’t want to see inflated prices, we would probably head elsewhere. Harcourt Street has CopperFace Jacks and Krystle near next to each other. Both great late night stops.



While it’s well worth the money, Dublin isn’t the cheapest of European cities around, drawing comparisons to London prices for booze especially if you are in Temple Bar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find deals – just make sure you get the best man to do his research!

Riga, Latvia

For something off the beaten track, we recommend you take a serious look at Riga. The Latvian capital might not sound exotic but it’s cheap, full of alternative stuff to do and not for the faint-hearted!




For something really different, why not try out the Sigulda bobsleigh track just outside the capital? It’s the only Olympic-standard bobsleigh track in the Baltics and is home to the Latvian national team. The course runs sessions for groups of Joes with plenty of companies offering days out to the track including transfers from your hotel as well as providing a translator. The bob will hold five Joes at a time and you’ll all get at least two rides down the track!


Bungee Jump from a Cable Car

If stitching up your stag is on the agenda, then Riga offers you a perfect solution with a Bungee Jump from a Cable Car. It does exactly what it says on the tin with a cable car suspended 45m above the flowing River Daugava. It’s located in the beautiful Gauja National Park (about an hour outside of Riga) and is also a stone’s throw from the Bobsleigh track so we’d recommend doubling up activities for the day!



Riga is also a brilliant night out with a whole host of pubs with cheap beer, bars with even cheaper shots and a number of strip clubs if that’s your plan. A word of warning, however – just keep your wits about you in some strip bars. Strippers may try to rip you off and as some strip bars are run by the local mafia, they can get a little intimidating. Just don’t head down any dark alleys and you’ll be fine!


The best thing about Riga is it offers one of the best stag do deals around in Europe and we think you can get a cracking weekend away for around £180 – 200 if you play your cards right!

Prague, Czech Republic

Whether you’re looking for some culture or wild nights, Prague offers the best value for money on our list. With stunning architecture, superb beer and partying carnage if you’re looking for it, the Czech capital has something for every Joe.



AK-47 Shooting Experience

While you might be a master with it on Goldeneye on the N64, chances are most Joes will never have fired a real gun; let alone an actually full blown AK-47. But in Prague, gun laws are little more lax than in Blighty and that means Joes on a stag can head to a professional gun club in the Czech countryside and fire off some rounds without getting arrested!

Ice Hockey Match

Heading to an ice hockey match in the Czech Republic is probably something you’ve never considered but trust us, this is some of the most fun you can have in the city. Ice hockey is actually considered to be the Czech national sport and as such, local Joes love nothing more than getting bladdered watching their beloved HC Sparta Praha. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is friendly and it’s also cheap at around €15-20 for some of the best seats in town. Take our word for it!



Now if beer is your tipple, as it usually is with Joes, then Prague simply won’t be beat for a stag do destination. With beer costing less than a pound in most places, you’ll have serious trouble spending your Euros. We recommend heading to the Beer Museum, a pub with about fifty delicious beers to choose from. Prague also does the club bit well and Karlovy Lazne Club in the Old Town is one of the coolest places in Prague to hang out if you’re into serious clubbing. Spread over five floors, this is the biggest club of its type in Central Europe.



Prague is also cheap as chips thanks to regular flights, cheap booze and a ton of accommodation options vying for your business! We think you could do the whole trip for a little over £200.

Hamburg, Germany

It wouldn’t be a European stag do destination list without somewhere in Germany would it? German’s do beer and drinking the stuff better than probably anyone around and the best stag do destination in the country for us is Hamburg. Combining awesome old school marine architecture, incredible harbour-side clubs and the mother of all red light districts, Hamburg ticks every box going.



Boat Party

While it might be well over 100km from the coast, Hamburg still has possesses the second busiest port in the whole of Europe thanks to the gigantic River Elbe and its surrounding estuaries. That means there’s plenty of private party boats on offer and nothing beats boozing while roaming the waterways. It’s also a good chance to see Germany’s funkiest city in style and a brilliant way to start a massive night out!


Blockbräu Brew House

Set by the Elbe at the St. Pauli jetties, the Blockbräu brew house is a great way to try some of Germany’s best food and beers before heading out to end the night in style at the nearby Docks or up the Reeperbahn. Catering for up to 1,000 Joes, the Blockbräu has two floors as well as a roof terrace with one of the most view of the Hamburg harbour.


Hamburg really does have something for everyone. There’s great nightlife at the Docks or Prinzenbar for those who want a trendy bar; more alternative drinking wells around the port area; and if you want something cheap and cheerful with some strip bars, the Reeperbahn (also called ‘die sündigste Meile’ translated as ‘the most sinful mile’) is one of the most notorious ‘strips’ in Germany.



Hamburg is one of the more expensive of our list coming in significantly pricier than Prague or Riga but there’s plenty to do as it’s so big and you’re guaranteed a good time. The cost might be the city’s only downside.

There we have it our handpicked 5 Best European Destinations for a Stag Do, each and every one chosen by us based on our personal experiences!! Also check out our comprehensive stag do guide to Tallinn, Estonia.



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