It’s commonly accepted that, by definition, hotels are some of the most comfortable places on earth. But while this is enough for us to fork out on a bed for the night, very few of us take advantage of hotels and their many facilities during the day.

5 Reasons You Need to Get a Day Use Hotel

Well, we’re here to tell you why you should enjoy the serenity and comfort of a hotel in the afternoon. With day use hotel rooms usually offering discounts of up to 70% off traditional night stay prices, it’s a crying shame we’re not utilising them more. So here’s our 5 reasons you need to get a day use hotel.

Quiet Working Environment

You may not get an overnight stay but most 3 to 5 star hotels will offer their customers a place to enjoy all the room and hotel amenities during the day. We think one of the best uses for this is a quiet working environment. This can be a godsend, especially when you’re away in a new city on business. Coffee shops can be great, but the Wi-Fi isn’t always up to scratch and they can also get far too hectic. A hotel room gives you the chance to create the ideal working environment for you with none of the distractions.


Freshen-Up Before a Meeting

Another plus for getting a day use hotel when away on business is they offer a place to freshen up and relax before a big presentation or meeting. Though some office spaces do come with shower facilities, communal bathing isn’t for everyone. Some hotels also come with spa rooms, swimming pools and fitness centres making them ideal if you need to unwind for a few hours.


Perfect for Space for Meetings

The good thing about hotels, particularly in the city, is that most of them will also have meeting or conference rooms that are reserved for their customers. Business lunches in restaurants and cafes are great but sometimes you need a neutral space with the right atmosphere.


Catch the Sport Without Getting Caught

On the other side of the coin, you’re away on business and catching the 12.30 kick off at the pub just isn’t an option in case you get caught. But grabbing a day use hotel room not only means you can watch the game, you can also do it safe in the knowledge nobody will ever know. You could even grab a quick power nap at half time! Most hotels have connections for your laptop or other media device – so something like Sky Go is ideal!


Relax Before Travelling

But day use hotels aren’t just for those away on business. Whether you’re waiting for a connecting flight or a just need a quiet space to relax and de-stress, day use hotels are also ideal for couples and the love birds amongst us.




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