Smash Random Objects in Singapore

A new mode of relaxation has been sweeping Singapore and it’s literally all the rage. Called ‘The Fragment Room’, the safe space allows you to ‘get rid of all your inner frustrations’ by physically smashing the bejesus out of a whole load of provided objects.

In such a fast paced world, tension inevitably builds up and causes unnecessary stress. Well, a place in Singapore is giving its users an easy, fast paced way of dealing with it. Put simply, The Fragment Room is a rage room where you’re encouraged to let down your walls and release your inner frustrations.

The Fragment Room offers Joes and Janes the chance to head in for a short session and treat themselves to probably the most exciting anger therapy around by smashing plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliances and basically anything you can think of. You can also play your own music during your smash session – you just can’t set fire to anything!

The Fragment Room Singapore 2

The process is simple – head in dressed in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, collect your protective jumpsuit and baseball bat, break things to your heart’s content, and leave feeling good. There are two types of sessions: ‘Breakables’, which involves a 30 minutes of smashing electronics or glass objects; and ‘Annihilation’, which will get you a sledgehammer to destroy an unlimited amount of breakables.

The Fragment Room wouldn’t want you thinking they’re not green, however. All their supplies are mostly already on their way to the scrap yards, and once they’re wrecked they send them off to be further scrapped or recycled.

The Fragment Room is located at 3 Balestier Road, Singapore, 329671, with prices starting at £20 for 30mins ‘Breakables’ session. Head over to The Fragment Room Website for more details.

The Fragment Room Singapore 3
The Fragment Room Singapore 4