Airbnb has this week announced it’s expanding its travel offerings beyond purely rented accommodation. Now travellers will also be able to choose from hundreds of multiday tour packages called ‘Adventures’ designed by expert hosts with deep local knowledge and outdoor credentials.

Airbnb To Begin Multiday ‘Adventures’ Tour Packages

Airbnb’s new Adventures packages offer much more than just abodes. In addition to booking unique accommodation, Airbnb will also provide travellers with hosts, activities, gear, transport and meals, so all you have to do is book and go. The concept is designed to give more adventurous holidaymakers the chance to save time researching with all-inclusive options.

Adventures has initially launched with over 200 different tours in 40 countries, with each adventure hosted by locals for a truly authentic and immersive experience. Adventures range from two to ten days, and currently include the likes of a hike with warriors up a sacred mountain in Kenya and a ten-day horseback ride into Northern Mongolia.


Closer to home in Europe, tours include kayaking amongst 6,000 islands in Sweden, treks with Nordic reindeer tribes and seeing medieval Portugal on horseback. There are also multiple trips in Africa, Asia and North America, while South America offers cowboy trips in the Andes and food safari through the Galapagos.

Each Airbnb ‘Adventures’ tour is currently limited to just a dozen people to ensure experiences are thorough and unique, with prices starting at £62 for smaller packages and rising to £4000 for a fully-fledged action-packed Adventure service. Take a look at the full range of Adventures on the Airbnb Website now.


Elsewhere on Airbnb, you can now stay the cabin from Avengers: Endgame where Tony Stark lives with Pepper and his daughter after Thanos’ initial death in Infinity War.



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