Spend the Night at the LEGO House in Denmark With Airbnb

As part of their awesome ‘Night At’ series, Airbnb are offering Joes and Janes the chance to stay at the LEGO House in Denmark. The newly open ‘Home of LEGO’ will be your family’s very own private playground as a group of up to 4 fall asleep surrounded by 25 million bricks.

The newly opened LEGO House in Billund, Denmark has already drawn builders of all ages from all over the world. Now Airbnb and LEGO House are giving away the keys to the place for the ultimate LEGO experience filled with private tours and a bedroom floating in a pool of bricks underneath a 6-meter-tall LEGO waterfall.

Your journey begins with one of the finest master builders in the world, Jamie Berard, joining you for lunch served by two friendly robot waiters—but first you’ll have to build your meal order out of bricks. Then you’ll get taken around on a private expedition around the LEGO House see the likes of the Tree of Creativity, built by hand from over 6 million bricks, and the Masterpiece Gallery.


From there, you’ll head to the Experience Zones, where you can direct your own LEGO movie and engineer robotic cars before learning the history of LEGO history. Finally, you’ll reach your bedroom for the night, complete with armchairs, lamps, an alarm clock, a TV, and even a cat made out of the beloved brick.


The next morning, after breakfast and before the doors reopen to the public, there’s one final surprise that LEGO and Airbnb are keeping tightly lipped about. But they do promise ‘your footprint in LEGO House long after you leave’… Cryptic!

To enter the Airbnb ‘Night At’ the LEGO House, all you need to do head over to the Airbnb Website before 16th November and answer this simple question: ‘If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?’ LEGO will fly you in from anywhere in the world – you’ve just got to be available on 24th November.