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Amillarah Private Islands

Having our own private island is something we all at one point or another have dreamed of having. Well, now is your chance! If you’re a seriously loaded Joe with some spare income, a company called Amillarah will let you design your own private island and even let you decide where you it located – anywhere in the world!

Amillarah Private Islands are the world’s first portable islands. Each new built floating island will meet every customer’s own unique needs with the renderings including options like swimming pools, boat docks and the sort of greenery you want.

The Private Islands will be completely self-sustainable with Amillarah promising islands free from environmental impact and safe from rising sea levels. They also say that the new abodes will create new underwater habitat for sea life.

So far none have been built but Amillarah have just released a bunch of artists’ impressions of luxury getaways in the Maldives, Miami and Dubai, where contracts have been signed and work is already in the advanced planning stage.

In the Maldives, the company is developing ten Private Islands in a Joint Venture with the Maldives Government. The site is located at a stunning lagoon which is only about 25 minutes from the nearest airport…by boat obviously!

Amillarah have also signed a deal with OQYANA Real Estate for a plot of thirty-three Private Islands in Dubai.

Thirty more Private Islands are also going to be built for the rich and famous of Miami. Private boat services, butlers and well-trained island staff will come included, with the Miami islands being surrounded by the nightlife, restaurants and shopping haunts. We’re imaging there won’t be a Tesco or Weatherspoon’s in sight…

If you’ve got the means, we have to admit we think the Amillarah Private Islands are incredibly cool. Not that we have any experience, but we can imagine a lot of private islands are too isolated and difficult to reach, and the construction and maintenance of the facilities are probably expensive to say the least. So a private island that can meet all of a Joes needs must be a very attractive proposition indeed!

Check out more details or even get ordering your own private paradise on the Amillarah Private Islands Website.




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