Escape the Rush at The Arctic Hideaway in Norway

As we head into the colder months, the idea of cosying up at a remote retreat becomes all the more appealing. And things don’t get more remote than the Arctic Hideaway located on the island of Sørvær in Nordland county, Norway.

Found on an island with no shops or cars and surrounded by the Vestfjord, The Arctic Hideaway is a set of a ten houses designed by TYIN architects and Sami Rintala. Perfect for those looking for contemplation and calmness, the island retreat was set up by a musician who need some tranquillity to write.

With views of the surrounding islands, remote setting offers everything you’d need for a stay with each unique design-led building offering either sleeping, eating, or bathing/cleaning facilities. Due to the size, the island can easily cater for groups of 10 persons and even up to fifteen.


Of the ten buildings, five houses are for sleeping (complete with beds and duvets), one is a bath house, one functions as a kitchen/dining room, one is a ‘chill-out zone/open studio house’ and features cozy chairs, a stereo and piano, one is a sauna and changing room, and the remaining building is meant for outdoor cooking (gas and fire place).


Naturally the owners of the retreat recommend packing for wind and rain no matter the season, but baring clothes and alcohol, everything else is taken care of, including a food larder and personal chef from nearby Bodø should you want one. They’ll also arrange boats to the island.

If you want to stay at The Arctic Hideaway Fleinvær, guests are asked to book out the entire place with prices around the £2,750 mark (NOK 30.000) depending on your requirements. Find out more over at the Arctic Hideaway Website.


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