We’re frequent travellers here at Average Joes, and when we do hit the skies, we like to do it in style with something as stylish as it is practical. One such example which definitely ticks both boxes and then some is this new suitcase by New York-based brand Arlo Skye.

Arlo Skye Suitcase

With the aim of taking the stress out of travelling, the Arlo Skye suitcase features a ton of functional components which means it’s incredibly durable and offers protection for your valuables, making it probably one of the best designed suitcases around.

Designed in-house in New York City and assembled in China, the Arlo Skye is coated in an aluminium-magnesium composite for some real strength. It comes with some Japensese-made Lisof wheels (which are said to reduce noise by up to 15%), two removable compression panels and two shoe bags, as well as a laundry bag and a dust bag for storage.

But the real crowning glory on this suitcase is its removable, dual-port charger. But this is no ordinary portable battery; the Arlo Skye 10,050 mAh Portable Charger is easy to remove and comes with enough juice to charges your phones and tablets up to 6 times. Perfect for a long week away on business!

To make things even cooler, the carry-on also features a ‘zipperless’ closure thanks to its Integrated TSA-approved locks. Other premium materials on show comes in the shape of the rich leather handles and full-grain leather grab handles – just for that added bit of class.

The Arlo Skye suitcase is available now for pre-order from the brand’s official Website. Being one of the techiest suitcases we’ve ever come across, however, does mean it’ll take more than a wink and a smile to get hold of one – around £340 ($495) worth of winks to be exact. But we say that’s not too bad when you take into account its competition!




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