Atelier-Lavit Origin Tree House, France

Continuing our quest to find the most interesting accommodation on the planet, take a look at this incredible treehouse hotel located near Paris, France. Perched in a hundred-year-old oak tree, the Atelier-Lavit designed Origin Tree House is inspired by the nests of neighbouring birds and is available to book on Airbnb.

The Origin Tree House started life as a hundred year-old oak tree. Now a fully-functioning octagonal hotel, the tree house is accessed from a platform suspended on another tall oak 30m away, which includes a heated spa and a chilling area. From the platform, a wooden walkway leads guests straight into the heart of the nest.

Upon arrival, guests will notice a small patio area and two large sliding glass doors which provide access to the living area. Inside, the wooden interior is made from poplar, and features a private bedroom, as well as a rooftop terrace accessed by an internal ladder, which offers 360-degree panoramic views of the forest canaopy.


Costing €120,000 in total, the project was commissioned by Cabanes Nature et Spa for the Château de Raray. Located an hour north of Paris, Château Raray is a castle which dates back to 1522. Now a golf course and luxury hotel, the Origin Tree House is located under canopy within its grounds.


The Cabane Spa Origin is available to book now over at Airbnb where prices start at £290 a night. Check out more of Atelier-Lavit’s projects over at their Website.


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