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Beach Vault

There are many issues that befall the average holidaymaker on a visit to the beach. How to prevent sand from getting into all food items, for instance, or how to justify spending £7 on a bag of doughnuts (and how to ward off the flocks of seagulls attracted to said doughnuts). And, finally, there’s the issue of how to prevent thieves from stealing your stuff. The first three, of course, do not, and never will, have solutions. To the fourth problem, however, the makers of the Beach Vault believe they do have an answer.

Their product, which acts as a storage vessel, is remarkable in that it actually screws into the sand, creating an underground chamber, or ‘vault’, for storing valuables. All the user needs to do is dig a bit of a hole and screw the product into the ground before tightening the waterproof lid.

Following this, you merely affix the specially-designed towel around the lid for easy access (or just use a normal one), and then inflate the accompanying pillow (both the towel and the pillow are included in the price). The idea is that the pillow goes on top of the lid, concealing the Beach Vault from any prying eyes, while at the same providing easy access – all you need to do is lift the pillow and unscrew the lid.

However, not everybody is so optimistic about the new product. Some have complained about its size, stating that, whilst you can store a lot in the vault, it will also use up a lot of space in suitcases. Others mention other, pre-existing alternatives, such as the use of Tupperware tubs or sandwich bags for storing valuables (although these are far easier to accidentally leave behind).

Furthermore, many are worried about the security of the product itself. Couldn’t a thief just pull it out of the ground? Or merely undo the lid (there’s no lock included)? Indeed, the Beach Vault has already received a great deal of press from pesky websites (this one not included, of course), so the thieves, it’s claimed, will know exactly what to look for.

However, this is to entirely overlook a crucial aspect of beach crimes, which is that they are almost all opportunistic. No self-respecting criminal is going to go digging around for hidden stashes when he could merely grab the bag of a sleeping sunbather, and the vault, while perhaps visible, will not be easy to subtly remove from the ground.

And this is if the owner is out swimming in the sea, or buying ice creams. If somebody is sunbathing on top of the vault then it becomes virtually impenetrable without causing a ruckus, and it’s for this reason that the Beach Vault, for £18, looks like a good buy this summer. At least for those who arrive at the beach brimming with valuables, or anything they wish to keep sand free.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not yet available, having not met its Kickstarter target, though probably more down to a terrible video and website than the actual product. So for now we’ll have to settle for the sandwich bag.




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