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Your New Best Travel App: Beer Adventures

When in a new city, unless you’re there on business, chances are your first port of call is going to be sussing out the nearest and best pub/bar. Drinking establishments are always the best way to get a feel for a city with locals always the best source of info. Well, a new app called ‘Beer Adventures’ is set to make the whole process a lot easier.

Beer Adventures is a travel app for people who love beer, food and seeing the authentic side of city life. Forget expensive, generic, organised walking tours – Beer Adventures gives you a world of beer at your fingertips and feet, with the curated app leading you around some of the best joints in cities all over the world.

The app currently covers destinations all over the UK including the likes of London, Manchester and Bristol, but also major across the globe including Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Rome, San Diego, Berlin and Vancouver.


Each guide takes you around the hotspots and local favourites, as well as true hidden gems. Expect the very best bars, pubs, brewtaps and breweries with tours designed to take you past as many city landmarks as possible.

The app is free to download with your first tour free too. From then on, every city costs ‘less than the price of a decent pint.’ You’ll learn about the history of a city and get taken to 5/6 beer stops – perfect for a day out.


Once you select a city and tour, Beer Adventures will suggest the first place you start at, with the next venue not far away. Their integrated maps will then give you the directions so don’t worry about getting lost. When you arrive at each venue just ‘check in’ to that beer stop and you’ll find out more about the place you’re sitting in.

New countries, cities and tours are added each week and once you’ve purchased a city you get all new tours added for that area. It’s a great concept and perfect if you’re heading abroad or don’t know the area. We just wonder how much trouble you’ll get in after 5 pints and your signal drops…

The Beer Adventures app is available now on both Android and iOS. Head over to the Beer Adventures Website for more details.




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