While there have been countless depictions of floating island in popular culture (the algae island in Life of Pi, for instance, or Jules Verne’s Propeller Island), these are rarely recreated in real life – at least not the artificial ones.

Breakwater Chicago

This could all be about to change, however, with a new planned floating entertainment venue off the coast of Chicago. Dubbed ‘Breakwater Chicago’, this floating island has been on Kickstarter and doubled it’s target, which to be fair wasn’t overly high at $30,000, but still, things are looking promising.

The vessel, set to be around 100’ by 300’, will be moored in Lake Michigan during the summer and will feature a huge variety of rooms. For instance, there will be three restaurants, including an ‘Americana’ restaurant, a seafood restaurant (appropriate) and a pop-up restaurant. The deck will also be broken up by a 10,000 sq ft wading pool for guests to paddle around from place to place. Furthermore, there will be numerous sun decks, a members only ‘private island’ club and, for the evenings, a nightclub and lounge. Nonetheless, if Bristol’s Thekla nightclub has taught us anything, it’s that copious amounts of alcohol combined with a slowly swaying venue do not always make for the best combination.

When anchored offshore, the island will only be accessible by boat, although for those who (heaven forbid) don’t have their own boat, a water taxi service will be provided. The island is also set to be used in winter, when it will be towed back to the shore and covered with a large clear dome to allow the partying to continue year-round.

Of course, Breakwater Chicago is unlikely to be visited by many of our English readers, but it still marks an exciting new type of entertainment venue, and one that will hopefully begin to spread further afield. Not sure if the same concept would look so alluring off the coast of Blackpool, though. Roll on 2015!




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