Everybody knows that a holiday doesn’t officially begin until you’ve posted a photo on social media of a pint at the airport. Well, self-appointed craft beer kings BrewDog want to ensure the party carries on in-flight too by announcing the “world’s first craft beer airline”, complete with on-board beer experts, grub, and lots and lots of craft beer.

BrewDog Announce 'World’s First Craft Beer Airline'

Having opened their first ever ‘beer hotel’ in the US earlier year, BrewDog has announced that it will be chartering a plane to take up to 240 passengers from London to the 32-room DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio on a special beer-fuelled flight. The boozy flight will be followed by a four-night stay at the hotel, filled with all sorts of crafty escapades.

BrewDog says passengers on their Airline will be able to sample a special limited-edition brew designed specifically for high-altitude consumption (we’re not entirely sure what that means), and enjoy a special food and beer pairing menu presented by a cabin crew that’s been trained by a certified Cicerone (beer expert). You’ll also get served cocktails made from LoneWolf, BrewDog’s own gin.


In Ohio, passengers will then stay at BrewDog’s recently opened DogHouse Hotel, which features showers with built-in beer fridges and beer taps in each room. As well as getting a tour of the on-site brewery, guests will also visit various other breweries, bars, and restaurants in the Columbus area and head to nearby Cincinnati too.

The inaugural BrewDog Airlines trip is set to take flight on 21st February 2019 with the return flight booked in for the 25th February. The trip is initially open to BrewDog’s ‘Equity Punks’ shareholders with tickets priced at £1,250 per person. Find out more over at the BrewDog Website.




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