Though the summer is coming to an end and chances are your holidays are over for the time being, it’s always good to be prepared for the inevitable last minute weekend break. To help you along the way is the Bugaboo Boxer, a luggage set which takes the stress out of carrying your baggage.

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage

As Bugaboo say; ‘It’s not what you choose to pack, but how you take it with you.’ With over 20 years of mobility expertise, the brand have not only improve the humble suitcase, they’ve also created a whole new way to get from A to B.

The idea is simple – Bugaboo’s system involves interlocking cases which click together to create an easy-to-manoeuvre system that holds all of your bags in one place. It’s easy to reconfigure, take apart, and most important it’s easy to manoeuvre.

Despite the majority of newer models coming with wheels, traditional trollies and suitcases can still be a drag to roll around, especially when you want to move fast. Bugaboo say their revolutionary, light push steering turns the burden of carting around luggage into a smooth ride.

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage 2
The Bugaboo Boxer has you covered no matter how far you’re travelling. The full set consists of a Chassis (the wheels), a Cabin Case (for hand-luggage), and a Travel Case (which comes in a Polycarbonate hard-shell with strong, flexible zippers).

While the Chassis system is the main feature with the Bugaboo, there are some extra details which set it apart. Whether it’s the luggage strap that secures your coat, the click-on/click-off Organiser that keeps your essentials close, the versatile inner bag that doubles as a daypack, or the wide-grip adjustable handle – the little things make a big difference.

The Bugaboo Boxer luggage set is due to go on sale from Monday 26th September. Head over to the Bugaboo Boxer Website where you can pre-order the Fully Loaded set (including the Chassis, Travel Case & Cabin Case) for £1,140.

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage 3



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