We’ve all been there; you’re in the sauna at a spa in central Helsinki and all you want is a Bacon XL Double Cheeseburger meal with a Sprite and some onion rings. Well, Joes will never have to face to the predicament again as Burger King have just opened a fully functioning spa in one of its restaurants in Finland, and it’s about as bonkers as you can imagine!

Burger King Have Opened a Sauna in Finland

Yes, the world’s first BK spa is now an actual thing having just opened on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, Finland. It’s no secret that Scandinavians, and Finns in particular, absolutely love their saunas, but we’re not sure even the most die-hard sauna aficionados would have believed they could grab a burger while they sweat.

The spa contains a sauna which seats up to 15 Joes and if you think about it, you’ll no longer have to feel any sort of guilt about tucking into that Whooper. Bear in mind a Whooper contains around 250 calories, just 20 minutes in a sauna can burn off between 300-500 calories!

Burger King Sauna Finland 1
The sauna itself comes equipped with a 48” TV – we can only assume for watching Burger King adverts – while next door you’ll find the spa’s media lounge, which contains an even bigger 55” screen and a Playstation 4. This being a spa, there’s also a shower room, locker room and a toilet too.

The absolute best thing about the Burger King Spa is that you can order your burger to be delivered to your hand while you relax in the sauna. All Joes need to do is place an order when they arrive. The spa costs around £200 (€250) to hire out for three hours. Head over to the Restel Burger King Spa Website for booking details!

Burger King Sauna Finland 4
Burger King Sauna Finland 3



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