Take a Look at This Stunning Greenhouse Dwelling in Japan

Forever on the search for some of the coolest and most innovative abodes on the planet, we came across this greenhouse-styled home in Japan. Named Camouflage House III, the abode is themed around the ‘compatibility between architectural design as a culture and environmental symbiosis.’

Camouflage House III is located in the Sengataki district of Karuizawa, Japan. Designed by Hiroshi Iguchi, the exterior of the house has been designed to make use of the natural sloping topography. As such the greenhouse-like home forms part of the slope.

Alongside Iguchi’s use of glass panels, the greenhouse aesthetic is further empathised by the addition of trees coming through the glass panels; three zelkova trees have been planted on the roof of glass, as well as one through a panel on the southeast side, and one through the west side to shade the home’s inhabitants.


Unsurprisingly the home utilises the natural sunlight of the summer to power things too, with a solar panelled wall on the east, south, and west side. In the winter, warm air is sent to the interior – the library, the bathroom, and the bedroom – by sensor control.


All materials used in the interior of the house are natural and eco-friendly materials. These, combined with lightweight, transparent Japanese screens and minimal furniture, create an open and airy space which allows for views of nature around every corner.

The Hiroshi Iguchi Camouflage House III was designed as part of the architect’s Fifth World project, which promotes eco-friendly and sustainable architecture. Head over to the Fifth World Website for more details.