Carpe Diem Resort, Greece – Santorini’s Most Exclusive Hideaway

With things starting to warm up and thoughts of summer holidays now at the booking stage, we’re on the lookout for the most stylish hotels and accommodation on the planet. And our latest stop takes us to Greece’s Carpe Diem boutique resort, dubbed the island of Santorini’s ‘most exclusive hideaway’.

Carpe Diem is Santorini’s most original and exclusive hotel. An ultra-private complex with only ten lavish suites complete, each with individual plunge pools, Carpe Diem is located away from the island’s hustle and bustle in Santorini’s highest village, Pyrgos. It therefore boasts incredible 270-degree panoramic views across the crisp blue Aegean Sea.

The exclusive boutique resort recently won ‘World’s Best Honeymoon Hideaway’ at the 2017 Boutique Hotel Awards, and that’s much in part thanks to the experience as well as the beauty. The unparalleled privacy of the resort’s ten suites and its staff-to-guest ratio of 1-1 are what make Carpe Diem a favourite among newlyweds.


Carpe Diem’s signature exclusivity doesn’t end there. The hotel’s fine dining restaurant, Gaia, serves fresh, local and authentic cuisine crafted by Santorini’s most influential chef, Vasilis Zaharakis. There’s also a champagne bar and the Althea boutique spa which has been specifically designed for couples seeking seclusion and romantic relaxation.


But if the unique amenities at Santorini aren’t enough, Santorini’s combination of crystal clear azure waters and hot temperatures mean its famed for an array of water sports activity, such as water skiing and surfing.

You can book a room at Carpe Diem now over at the Carpe Diem Santotini Website now with prices starting at around £250 a night. If you want to head to Greece but still avoid the crowds, here’s what we think are the top 5 most underrated Greek islands!