If there’s one thing Bruce Wayne ever taught us it’s that homes built into caves are a) useful for fighting crime and b) gorgeous to look at. And one of the most impressive real life bat caves we’ve come across is this Cave House built into the rock strata in Córdoba, Spain.

Cave House Córdoba, Spain

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountain range, the ‘Cuevas del Pino’ estate to give it its full name comes complete with 1,120 sq. ft. of real estate boasting several glass openings for natural light, as well as luxurious concrete and marble flooring.

The Cave House was built by UMMOestudio, an architectural firm based in Seville. The design was first planned back in 2012 with the calcarenite stone terrain having been used traditionally for farming and livestock.

Cave House Spain 4
Virtually all the rooms in the abode feature large areas of exposed cave giving a real sense of wonder while still maintaining the cosiness of a family home. Upon entering the house, you’ll find a living room, a fully pimped out kitchen and a large bathroom, as well as the bedroom areas.

Both the pre-existing walls and the rock itself flow from each room with UMMOestudio describing the effect as a ‘continuous dialogue between those pre-existing conditions and the new architecture, always from a respectful position seeking proximity rather than direct contact.’

Cave House Spain 2
The juxtaposition of the old cave with new designs is evident from the outside with straight White lines dominating the entrance. Inside the theme continues with much of the décor finished with neutral colours and wooden furnishings.

Check out more of UMMOestudio’s works over at their Website.

Cave House Spain 3
Cave House Spain 1



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