Spanning a gigantic 840 acres, visitors to New York City’s Central Park have never been able to see the world’s most famous park in all its spectacular glory unless they hired out one of the extortionate penthouses which surround it. That is until possibly now. New York studio DFA has envisioned a prefabricated timber tower that would not only offer those views, but would also act as a filter to the contaminated reservoir below.

Central Park Tower, New York City

The proposed Central Park Tower will rise out of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a 106-acre man-made lake that encompasses an eighth of the park’s area and contains one billion gallons of contaminated water. Standing at an incredible 712-foot tall, the tower would be the tallest wooden structure in the world.

DFA’s concept would contain a filtration system in its base, which would turn the hazardous reservoir into a useable pond. It would also provide a series of ring-shaped viewing platforms on its upper levels, creating a tourist attraction to be used during the clean-up process. The Tower would contain a vertical axis wind turbine, so it could generate its own power too.


The tower would be constructed from a lattice of curved laminated timber beams, which would be manufactured off site and assembled in less than six months. It would also contain a steel core so it could withstand weathering impacts and meet other safety standards. The outer skin would be made from a transparent material, allowing for the stunning views.

The DFA Central Park Tower is still currently in the proposal stage, so we’ll have to wait to see whether it gets the green light. But if it’s financially viable, we think it could be an incredible addition to New York’s already stellar line-up of landmarks.




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