Camping isn’t for everyone. The idea of being exposed to the elements and chilling temperatures can strike the fear of God into even the most adventurous of Joes. But if the outdoors is your only concern when camping, there’s a unique new camping trend on the horizon. And it’s called ‘champing’.

Could Camping in Churches Be the Next Big Trend in Travel?

Champing (or ‘church camping’) is a unique concept being pioneered by the Churches Conservation Trust, a national charity who are looking for new ways to protect historic churches at risk. Their solution is a hygge-like holiday which consists of camping overnight in historic churches.

The Champing company have 18 churches on their books right across the country, each of which offers people the chance to hire out an entire church for their own private use. Users get most of the amenities you’d expect from an Airbnb, with duvet and blanket-laid camp beds, lanterns and candles for light, and tea- and coffee-making facilities when you need warming up.


It may be a place of worship, but some of the locations allow week-long stays for adults and kids, and guests are allowed to bring booze, food or musical instruments – whatever they wish to transform the ancient building into a cosy hideaway.


It’s certainly a unique idea, and according to the Churches Conservation Trust, it’s growing quicker than ever. The revenue raised by Champing is used for repair to and investment in church buildings, many of which are in remote locations where visitor numbers are dwindling.

Champing rates start from £49 per adult per night, and £25 per child, plus £25 per person for the hire of bedding. Head over to the Champing Website for more info and a full list of locations.


If you’re after a secluded retreat for the winter, take a look at The Arctic Hideaway in Norway. Found on a remote island surrounded by the Vestfjord, the getaway features 10 unique buildings, each designed to offer either sleeping, eating, or bathing/cleaning facilities.



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