With the world’s commitment to renewable energy and greener ways of living in question following Trump’s decision to take the US out of the Paris Agreement, you might be forgiven for a being a little worried about the future of the planet. But there are reasons to be cheerful. And one of them is that China has just announced its plans to build a new ‘forest city’ to fight air pollution.

China is Building the World's First Vertical Forest City

The Vertical Forest in Liuzhou is a project by architect Stefano Boeri that takes the concept of ‘green city’ to a whole new level. The Vertical Forest city combines natural trees and modern residential buildings for a revolutionary set of structures which will not only do away with the ‘concrete jungle’ but will also help fight air pollution by mitigating smog and producing more oxygen.

Once completed, the new Liuzhou city will reportedly host around 30,000 residents and – thanks to the vast amount of trees, plants and foliage – will absorb almost 10,000 tons of CO2, 57 tons of pollutants per year and produce approximately 900 tons of oxygen annually. You may not know your green figures, but we’re assured that’s impressive.


To achieve these incredible numbers, the Vertical Forest will feature around a million plants from over 100 species, as well as 40,000 trees being planted in facades over almost every surface you can imagine, alongside those planted in the parks and streets of the city.


Not only will the greenery add some value aesthetically as well as environmentally, it also has some immediate practical effects as it should act as a cooling system for interior spaces, a noise barrier from highways and a support system for local biodiversity. Naturally each building’s rooftop will also be clad in solar panels for renewable energy.

The new Liuzhou Vertical Forest City will be connected to the existing Liuzhou via a series of fast rail services and electric cars and it’s been suggested that there’ll also be a number of schools and two hospitals. It should be here soon too with construction due for completion by 2020.




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